Customized Programmes

Course Material

Registered participants can view and download the course materials.

These programmes are organised in addition to calendar programmes by the Centre for Banking Studies (CBS). A special programme could get one of the few forms from following.

  • If an interested party wants CBS to arrange a training programme on a particular subject, CBS can cater to that need by developing the necessary curriculum and conducting it for the target audience.

  • An institute can request CBS to re-conduct a calendar programme specifically for the staff of the given Institute. In that case, CBS could repeat the calendar programme as a special programme during the year.

  • If the management of CBS feels like there’s a demand for a particular subject which is not included in the programme calendar, CBS will introduce new programmes to bridge the knowledge gap.

  • CBS always welcome requests from interested parties to cater their needs by organising these special programmes.

Request Programmes

  • Tell us what you need, we will get it done for you.

  • Financial institutions can request for programmes either new or in the programme calendar specifically for your staff. Upon request, these programmes can be further modified to match the requirement of the institution.

  • Our coordinating staff is always looking forward to your inquiries.