CBS Overview

The Centre for Banking Studies commonly known as CBS is the training arm of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, which has been operating over the past forty years. As an integral part of Central Bank, the initial goal of CBS was to contribute towards the skill development of officers of the Central Bank. However, CBS has expanded its scope by conducting training programs and other events, targeting the professionals in the financial industry of the country. Apart from that, CBS caters to the training needs of regional Central Banks as well.

The Centre for Banking Studies is situated outside of the head office of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, in a very spacious and calm environment at Rajagiriya. This environment promotes learning as it provides more than enough space for individuals to engage in their educational activities without any disturbance.

Normal classrooms, smart classrooms, the state of the art auditorium, conference halls, libraries, several cafeterias, computer labs, and even hostel facilities are at the disposal of individuals who wish to improve their knowledge with CBS. The staff of CBS is always supportive to cater to the needs of participants.

CBS also designs and conducts programs and public events on various subjects, mainly on economics, finance, and banking, with the contribution from high caliber resource persons. These programs can be attended by any person upon request.

CBS plans to expand its services further to its stakeholders in the future. While upgrading the facilities it currently has to international standards, CBS continuously works on designing new programs on trending topics, which will cater to future requirements of the participants.