Core Functions

Designing and facilitating to conduct calendar programs at CBS. With advice and recommendation of faculty advisory committee, it is the responsibility of CBS to conduct the calendar programs on planned dates and deliver them successfully. Catering to the requests for special programs. CBS will design and organise custom made programs to cater specific requests made by individuals or institutes in the financial services industry.

Maintaining the hostel of CBS. It is the responsibility of CBS to provide hostel accommodation upon a valid request by an institute.

Maintaining the reference library. At CBS anyone can enrich their knowledge using the reference library at the premises. CBS is tasked with maintaining the reference library for this purpose.

Organizing public events. CBS is required to organise minimum of 8 public events during a year. Anyone from the public can take part in these events which are free of charge.

Providing in-house trainings and examinations for the staff of Central Bank of Sri Lanka. CBS is tasked with providing facilities to improve knowledge of newly recruited employees as well as employees with knowledge gaps, using suitable training programs and evaluating them through examinations.