Terms & Conditions


You will be directed to the HNB payment gateway to proceed the payment. You may have to proceed the payment according to the terms and conditions of the bank.

To proceed the payment you may require the invoice number, date and details of the programme. Please have this information ready before proceeding to the payment gateway.

All the payment related information is collected & kept with the relevant banks while the status of the payment will be directed to CBS for institute use only.

Your payments will be proceed by the relevant bank through industry standard secure processes.




  1. The full course fee will be charged, if the nominee does not cancel the nomination properly through the web portal [Link] or an email prior to the commencement date of the training programme.
  2. No cancellation fee shall be charged, if the nominee has successfully submitted the cancellation request through the web portal or via email at least 03 working days prior to the commencement of the training programme.
  3. A cancellation fee of 30% of the total course fee related to the nominee shall be charged, if the nominee has been successfully submit the cancellation request through the web portal at least 01 working day prior to the commencement date of the training programme.


  1. Smoking and consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited.
  2. Except bottled water, having any kind of food or beverages within the Hall is strictly prohibited. Water dispensers with disposable cups are available in the Cafeterias for the participants’ use.
  3. Refreshments and Lunch will be provided at a cafeteria, one out of the three will be allocated based on their availability.
  4. Please avoid pasting, nailing or cello taping on the walls to display banners or notices in the Hall provided.
  5. Do not move or use any equipment without the permission of the CBS officers. The existing setup of the Halls will NOT be changed and you will have to reserve a Hall to meet your requirement.
  6. All the equipment and articles (seats, tables, microphones, LCD screens and podium etc.) in the Hall should be handled with care.
  7. Contact person signed overleaf should make sure to hand over the hall and the equipment reserved at the end of the programme in original condition.
  8. CBS will not provide any equipment/ facility other than mentioned overleaf and no equipment/facility other than reserved/ provided should be used for any purpose without due permission of the CBS management.
  9. During a power failure, a generator will activate automatically within few seconds and any inconvenience caused in this regard is regretted.
  10. Make sure to conclude the event within the mentioned time. If it is expected to be exceed the time mentioned, you are required to inform the CBS Management and an additional fee will be charged for the exceeded hours as applicable.
  11. Entrance to the Auditorium will be the Gate 4 of CBS. If the guests are escorted by a traditional band, please ensure that no disturbances are made to CBS Offices and the ongoing training programmes.
  12. Janadhipathi Vidyala Mawatha (without disturbing the running vehicles) and the rear garage premises of the CBS will be available for parking.
  13. Please hand over a list of the equipment brought to the CBS premises by you, if any, to our security staff and be kind enough to take them back after their inspection.
  14. Please make necessary arrangements to provide us the programme agenda, the list of participants (Name, NIC and Address) for the expected event enabling CBS security staff to provide entry clearance. If any VIPs are attending, please ensure to provide the details for security arrangements.
  15. Once the request is made, it is not considered as confirmed until CBS sends a written confirmation together with the invoice.
  16. Total Reservation fee (including the refundable deposit) should be made at least 03 days prior to the event. If the payment is delayed due to any reason, a letter addressed to the Director, Centre for Banking Studies should be given in advance. If the said payment is not made as mentioned, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.


  1. The eligible parties to obtain the facility of the CBS Hostel are participants of the training programmes conducted at the Centre for Banking Studies and officers of banks, financial institutions and government institutions need accommodation to fulfill training requirements. The supportive documents to prove the eligibility for the facility should be provided in the application for reservation of the Hostel.
  2. The charges of the CBS Hostel for a standard room with single bed per person in bed and breakfast basis is LKR. 3,000.00 for residents of Sri Lanka and USD 40 for non-residents of Sri Lanka. Full payment of the Hostel fee should be made at least 02 days prior to the date of arrival. The provisional reservation is liable to be cancelled if the payment is not made within the required period.
  3. The requests to cancel the reserved rooms should submit properly through the web (Referring the link [Link]) via email at least two days prior to the date of arrival. The cancellation requests received after the deadline shall be subject to a cancellation charge of 30% of total payments.
  4. The booked rooms shall be available for the residents of the Hostel from 1400 hrs. on the arrival date and the rooms shall be vacated by 1100 hrs. at the latest on the date of departure. However, check-in to the Hostel later than 2100 hrs. shall not be permitted.
  5. The residents of the Hostel are not allowed to leave or enter the Hostel premises from 2200 hrs to 0500 hrs.
  6. Non-resident guests are not allowed inside the rooms at the CBS Hostel.
  7. Smoking and consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited inside the hostel.
  8. Residents are expected to display acceptable form of behavior and maintain discipline and decorum in and around the hostel complex. Neither recitals, beating of drums, other forms of music nor any activity which is likely to disturb the work of Centre for Banking Studies will be allowed within the premises. Residents of the Hostel must wear a decent dress code in the hostel premises.
  9. The residents should switch off the lights, air conditioner and other electrical gadgets of the room when leaving the room in order to help saving energy.
  10. The residents of the Hostel are fully responsible for safeguarding their own valuables and belongings during the stay. The Centre for Banking Studies will not accept any responsibility for loss of any valuables or belongings.